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  • Charli

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🖤 a real goddess between us!

  • Clipper Boss Brrp
    Clipper Boss Brrp

    Underrated classic

  • Clipper Boss Brrp
    Clipper Boss Brrp

    Amazing song

  • Fernando Rivas
    Fernando Rivas


  • C Meyer
    C Meyer

    Disgusting, evil.

  • Marcos games
    Marcos games

    Não entendi mas to compreendeno

  • Kristine M
    Kristine M

  • coryelle

    She was lowkey ahead of her time

  • monkey fit
    monkey fit

    a lack of respect, they should sanction it

  • Manu Rai
    Manu Rai

    Wow... Every line of this song speaks so fascinating harsh truth of some people"s real life story.. Like of miley.. And its legendary song.. Without doubt

  • Vesper Ravencroft
    Vesper Ravencroft

    You and I both loved what you and I spoke of.

  • bloodhoneykerri

    lol the fact the world lost their shit over this…

  • Salome Pagana
    Salome Pagana

    Barbara, poderosa, tremenda

  • Cornelius crewe
    Cornelius crewe

    She annoyed the hell out of me when she was going through her obnoxious party girl phase, but I have to admit she is turning into quite a unique and talented performer.

  • Huncho Patt
    Huncho Patt

    Still here 2021 😜

  • Salome Pagana
    Salome Pagana

    Todo lo que canta es oro, no hay cover malo, tiene el don de potenciar las canciones

  • Gabi nicolau
    Gabi nicolau

    Miley adota um gatinho igual ao meu

  • Clipper Boss Brrp
    Clipper Boss Brrp


  • Gabi nicolau
    Gabi nicolau

    Miley Cyrus se segura no meu gato! Eu quero que você conheça o meu gato ele é muito lindo igual a você.

  • Pete


  • Luis Orozco
    Luis Orozco

    miley ray cyrus is a racist against my beloved puerto rican, and mexican

  • Animated Lovers 🧸
    Animated Lovers 🧸

    I hate when she was naked, but yeah

  • andrew holland
    andrew holland

    Beautiful Miley. Just Beautiful.

  • D L
    D L

    Cutest Unicorn and mouse/bear to date..

  • Ridho Hariadi
    Ridho Hariadi


  • Audri Jean
    Audri Jean

    So… Maybee two weeks ago my mom got a call. Saying her grandpa had died… my great grandpa he was my everything and hers x10 my mom was listening to music and this song came on and now she listens to it every morning. Miss you paw paw❤️❤️

  • Miguel Luna
    Miguel Luna


  • Harukonubi88

    'forget the haters,cuz somebody love you'❤️😥

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black

    Mikeblack is the biggest fan of Miley Cyrus in my life

  • Ram Kumar
    Ram Kumar

    We love you Miley Cyrus ❤

  • Gen Chandler
    Gen Chandler

    I hate the new Miley.

  • TheeHype

    did yall see Miley get her head stomped at the 3min mark omg looks like it hurt...

  • Gaming X Gacha
    Gaming X Gacha


  • porquinha gamer
    porquinha gamer

    Boa tarde mãe 😡 boa tarde neide 😡 oooooooolha o trem🚉🥶

  • Chris Dunn
    Chris Dunn

    You and Dua gonna kill it tonight in ATL go get um Darln 💚💚💚💚

  • Unicorn Ellie
    Unicorn Ellie

    So perfect

  • Unicorn Ellie
    Unicorn Ellie

    So perfect

  • Unicorn Ellie
    Unicorn Ellie

    So perfect

  • Weverton Alves
    Weverton Alves

    RELEASE THIS ON SPOTIFY PLEEEEEASE.... This and many others from the backyard sessions! It is a delicious sound!

  • Me 1128
    Me 1128

    this suits her. sounds amazing

  • Esmeralda Deleon
    Esmeralda Deleon

    Septiembre 2021 ❤️

  • Esmeralda Deleon
    Esmeralda Deleon


  • Unicorn Ellie
    Unicorn Ellie

    My fav song 4 ever

  • Daniel Chojnowski
    Daniel Chojnowski


  • Elucidx

    she she trying to sound like dolly parton? lol

  • nequa marie
    nequa marie

    stilll here 2021.

  • Natalie Hallett
    Natalie Hallett

    Miley cyrus.

  • Kief Rex
    Kief Rex

    Let’s go Dallas home.

  • Natalie Hallett
    Natalie Hallett

    Mable court people Are feaths.

  • Natalie Hallett
    Natalie Hallett

    Mable court people are the ages.

  • Ray N
    Ray N

    You gotta come to south philly write me back I'll give ya my number call me private I dont answer private numbers I'm kicked off social write me back I see what I want I go for dont care who it is I'll come out there and have a great weekend

  • Aurora Lucía Pérez Muñoz
    Aurora Lucía Pérez Muñoz

    Canta oribleeeeeee

  • ca re
    ca re

    Como suenan los anillos

  • ca re
    ca re

    Sebes cual te dijo cuando sales con la camisa blanca en con la pizarra atrás

  • Samantha Coram
    Samantha Coram

    The screaming in this song is the best part of it , it shows her raw emotion, something she has never been afraid to show , and that is why I respect her so much, girl has so much talent

  • ca re
    ca re

    Tu con ese poco de anillos como te suenan en la computadora en el teclado

  • ca re
    ca re

    Tu con ese poco de aniños como te suena en el teclado

  • Maria belén Polanco
    Maria belén Polanco

    JAJAJAAJ siendo la miley toqueteando toda a dua !!

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale

    The tone of her voice is so damn warm. My heart warms up every time it hears her sing!

  • Sapienrex

    this is not a good cover for her. She should cover Pat Benatar songs from the same period instead.

  • Estevão Dos Santos
    Estevão Dos Santos

    Great song ✨❤️

  • Kathy Kelly
    Kathy Kelly

    My favorite 💘 yall

  • maoristereo gumba
    maoristereo gumba

    Girl got a set of pipes that would make make Aretha blush.

  • Kieran Bourgeois
    Kieran Bourgeois

    September 2021, let’s see how many people are still listening and watching this masterpiece

  • Vicente Duarte
    Vicente Duarte

    Amor tudo oi

  • Vicente Duarte
    Vicente Duarte


  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96

    I like the lights on the background...very nice

  • Park Hana
    Park Hana


  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96

    I like the background music

  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96

    Aww so sweet

  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96

    So sweet

  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96

    Loved this so much

  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96

    Nice one

  • BLACK 96
    BLACK 96


  • Railane Correa
    Railane Correa

    Amoooo esse Mv e a música Também 😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos

    This made me feel like an empowered woman

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos

    My club anthem

  • Vasile Ilioaie
    Vasile Ilioaie

    Im still here

  • giovan rossi
    giovan rossi