Miley Cyrus - Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival) (Audio)
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  • Michele Anderson
    Michele Anderson

    Debbie Harry better

  • V. R.
    V. R.

    This cover had to be in the house of gucci movie haha

  • Kharee McGhee-bey
    Kharee McGhee-bey

    I'll prepare a baked TERIYAKI CHICKEN, onion, and Provolone Cheese Corn Tortilla and two Hot & Spicy BREADED WINGS and some Original Syrup and a cup of sweet cane and MELON Water mixed in Milk for me to eat and drink too this afternoon.

  • Dee

    Was This A Hack Job Or Did She Just Butcher , One Of The Greatest Blondie Songs Ever .

  • Subrina Budhu
    Subrina Budhu

    Awful, made an abortion of a classic, I almost vomited in my mouth 🤮

  • meesam R
    meesam R

    House of Gucci bought me here !

  • Gladi Astasio franco Santana
    Gladi Astasio franco Santana


  • Neto Mendes
    Neto Mendes

    Em 09/08/2021. Um Brasileiro passando por aqui. Salvem Brasil de coração!!!♥️🇧🇷🎧🎶😍

  • Divo Zaniqueli
    Divo Zaniqueli

    Awesome singer. Now I recognize.

  • tape dispenser
    tape dispenser

    so wait you’re telling me i listen to this like almost every day and people DONT know i’m gay?

  • Pedram Mansouri
    Pedram Mansouri

    does anyone know the drummer?

  • Joe reed
    Joe reed

    she has an amazinde voice

  • Basma Ali
    Basma Ali

    Came from gucci trailer 👍🏻😂 What about you 😉😜✌🏻?

  • Lucas Henrique
    Lucas Henrique

    listen this make me gay ?

    • charlotte


  • José Gouveia
    José Gouveia


  • Linda Rh
    Linda Rh

    She is my Madonna

  • Three Pujante
    Three Pujante

    She said i am lava . and I think i will crush with An Iveberg.

  • Chveeky

    im the only person left here


    New arrengements, but hey nothing bad for me, pretty good actually

  • Henrique Roncalli
    Henrique Roncalli

    Eu amo essa mulher e essa voz 💙

    • Gιlѕοи Vιαииα
      Gιlѕοи Vιαииα

      Eu também

  • Jacqui Doucet
    Jacqui Doucet

    I am such a fan now!!! Who knew on my later life, I'd be all about Hannah Montana?? She is amazing!!!

  • hmmm

    I actually prefer this kinda more aggressive version of the song than the original. Her voice is amazing here.

  • Christopher Link
    Christopher Link

    I’m 45 and grew up in the 70s/80s listening to that era of music. MC did a great job on this song! 👍🏻

  • Chiler Zammit
    Chiler Zammit

    Fk wow wow wow! Love her!

  • LaSundra Brown
    LaSundra Brown



    Η miley ♥ το λέει καλητερα ... έχω πάθει τη πλάκα μου 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Slimey lemonz
    Slimey lemonz


  • Neto Soares
    Neto Soares

    Omg 😱

  • Gulya Flower
    Gulya Flower

    Only Debbie. Sorry, fan' s it' s singer. Original the best👑

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi

  • sapphirejynx

    Holy shit this cover is AMAZING! Not really a fan of Miley but damn SO good!. She really put in some FIREY SOUL in to this. Felt so good!

  • Edgar Contreras
    Edgar Contreras

    This is awful

    • Schlapper Seppel
      Schlapper Seppel

      agree, I dont know why people like this compared to the serene voice of Blondie. Miley Cyrus can sing no doubt but this is just a horrible mess.


    Hoy en día he escuchado esta rola 20 veces y aún no me canso buen cover en voz de Miley I love so mach.

  • Rustictexas

    Although I personally don’t like her, I can’t deny she has talent! This is an awesome cover

  • Satanás


  • Aliny Sousa
    Aliny Sousa

    eu to amando essa música e não é pouco! ✨

  • Emily Proctor
    Emily Proctor

    This is better than the original

  • Amna Zahid
    Amna Zahid

    Too good

  • Ginny

    I am only grateful of 2020 for one thing and that is this song 💫♥️

  • Mrs. Chick
    Mrs. Chick

    Very good! As you've gotten older, you've gotten a lot more soul in your voice. You should do more songs like this.

  • gracie

    Blondie is great but she rly has nothing on Miley 👏👏👏

  • Beer Drinker
    Beer Drinker

    wow, miley... ur so hot here i about burnt my house down watching the video instead of the bbq with my tuna .. just had to put the flames out #miley burns the deck down. mental note. dont smoke weed n cook while miley is being hot fuck... ps love the u turned out to be a pain in the ass... nice touch

  • Gustavo Mejía
    Gustavo Mejía

    Kinda Cyndi Luaper in the air

  • Jeanette Aguirre
    Jeanette Aguirre


  • Rania Raza
    Rania Raza

    The perfect cover

  • Lennox Gonzales
    Lennox Gonzales

    Buen cover mi love miley cyrus👌👌👌👌

  • Lennox Gonzales
    Lennox Gonzales

    Amo esta canción me encanta🖤💖💗

  • Vicente Matías Avalos Lara
    Vicente Matías Avalos Lara

    tremenda voz hermano

  • Aurora Gabriela
    Aurora Gabriela

    No entiendo nada pero ta chida la canción 🤩✌

  • Ícaro Paulino
    Ícaro Paulino

    Ontem a tarde, estava voltando eu e meu amigo e está música tocou dentro do carro, foi a melhor vibe de nós dois cantando

    • kaakakkakaka kakakakakakakak
      kaakakkakaka kakakakakakakak


  • a n y
    a n y


  • Hi Friends🐝
    Hi Friends🐝

    She sounds like she's shouting, and you can really hear the cigarettes starting to kick in. Smh... 😖


    She sings better than blondie of the 80's

  • nisha:D

    what a queen

  • hardstyle Girl
    hardstyle Girl


  • Unpopular opinion: this is better than the original

  • Nicolas González
    Nicolas González

    Noo hablo inglés soy mexican

  • Carmen Alonso
    Carmen Alonso


  • Christina Merlino
    Christina Merlino

    I fucking love her

  • Erica R.
    Erica R.

    Wow, she’s actually pretty good

  • Jose Lugo
    Jose Lugo

    She needs to cover Tina Turner

  • Lizzie Little
    Lizzie Little


  • Crystal Angelica Vlogs
    Crystal Angelica Vlogs

    I love both this version and the original, but I really love this version!!! 🔥💖

  • Thiago Delapola
    Thiago Delapola

    This version is awesome, but 80's version is the best

  • j QS
    j QS

    Me encata

  • Milton Jair Vargas Duran
    Milton Jair Vargas Duran

    ufffff 1234567890123456789/10

  • BazingaWinga


  • hide and seek
    hide and seek

    00:09 Dora has entered the chat

  • Ztephanie Velázquez trying to be an artist
    Ztephanie Velázquez trying to be an artist

    Her voice is petty in good for this music it’s cool btw

  • Jazmin Natividad Uchiha
    Jazmin Natividad Uchiha

    Mi novio y yo terminamos (ex novio) y a tres semanas de terminar me entero que ya está en otra relación, el siempre desconfiaba de mí, y esta canción va con la situación jaja, me encanta, uufff miley, I love you

  • Isabel Osorio
    Isabel Osorio

    Me emcamta🥰😍😍😍😍

  • Esaut sahuanay
    Esaut sahuanay

    te amo

  • Zane_the_footlover Poopie balls
    Zane_the_footlover Poopie balls

    raise your hand if you are listening to this at an extremely high volume 🙋‍♀️

  • Luis David Nuñez Sanchez
    Luis David Nuñez Sanchez


  • Linkwayne Bran
    Linkwayne Bran

    Miley don't sing, I ruin the song..

  • liz lizz
    liz lizz


  • Cupcake Squad
    Cupcake Squad

    Not even her song

  • Bruno Aurélio
    Bruno Aurélio

    Alguém escutando em 2021

    • Almir Gabriel
      Almir Gabriel

      escutando e cantando a diabinha detona!!!

  • Aubrey Crawford
    Aubrey Crawford


  • Daniel Hutchins
    Daniel Hutchins

    She was my idol since I was about 14, I respect her music and her career. Its gone so far since her earlier years...

  • My_Username

    Finally some good fucking food

  • Adanilson Capel
    Adanilson Capel

    Did it was a gass?

  • Adanilson Capel
    Adanilson Capel

    Did it was a gass?

  • Adanilson Capel
    Adanilson Capel

    This bop

  • Drips Of Eden
    Drips Of Eden

    I love and appreciate both versions of this song but I like her version better.

  • Te l
    Te l

    Mabey it's because I didn't listen to the original when I was younger but I prefer this ... by a lot.

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale

    Y'all need to listen to the full album. Plastic Hearts. *It's everything and more!* AOTY

  • Jakob Whale
    Jakob Whale

    Miley really out here having the success with her covers that other big names don't even have with their originals. And that's over a decade into her career! *Y'all better put some RESPECT on this girl's name.*

  • Mr. Moy
    Mr. Moy

    Tell my if my work (in my channel) is good or bad.

  • csenge lol
    csenge lol

    shes amazing.

  • Margarita Hiddleston
    Margarita Hiddleston

    Joan Jett + Madonna= Miley Cyrus

  • Adanilson Capel
    Adanilson Capel

    I prefer the version than the blondie's one

  • Adanilson Capel
    Adanilson Capel

    This audio is bop

  • Sadie Love
    Sadie Love

    Que siga cantando sus pendejadas con obras maestras no se meta

    • Jozé

      Llora pues

  • Sadie Love
    Sadie Love

    Mil veces espantosaaaaa

  • Francisco Universe
    Francisco Universe

    Is 2021 and I still listening this Hannah Montana 2.0

  • E Miller
    E Miller

    She has such a powerful voice absolutely stunning 🤩

  • Fernanda Cruz López
    Fernanda Cruz López

    this song is magic

  • Rogelio Villalba
    Rogelio Villalba

    People who like this song prob like AC/DC and that rocker shit 😐😐

  • Shelbi Sikorski
    Shelbi Sikorski

    She’s swung back around and I’m here for it