Miley Cyrus - Just Breathe (MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions)
Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Just Breathe” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.
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  • Dennis Jones
    Dennis Jones

    Thank you for sharing your gifts, Ma Chérie♏️/♐️ 🔥☯️🔥

  • Connie Bostic
    Connie Bostic

    Reminds me of my sweet sweet husband...he passed 9 days ago. The last words I said to him was I'll see you on the other side. Cancer sucks

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    I can not believe that I tell people they need to listen to Miley Cyrus. I cried my eyes out after watching Blind Melon do Change on Letterman...if you were around you know what I mean. This girl...AKA Women was a joke to me until I actually listened to what she should sing and not what was pressed down her throat.

  • marcos almeida
    marcos almeida

    C loco parece um anjo cantando!!!

  • Kimrilhin Asamuddin
    Kimrilhin Asamuddin

    She brings back music that the oldies really love to listen to and the new generation like me. 🤣

  • Munis

    I m happy,this girl will move musical legends to the future...

  • Ekoes Channel
    Ekoes Channel

    I really don't understand why she keep on doing cover and there is not still a Miley's rock original album at the top of Billboard. I think that any songwriter of this world would write for her.

  • Janna Thunderstorm
    Janna Thunderstorm

    I am hooked on this song. Just have to listen to it before I go to bed. My nieces tease me. Miley Cyrus they say, really? You have grown up well dear young lady. And something very special is coming out of you these days. Good luck on your journey!

  • April Pechickjian
    April Pechickjian

    Love this song so much! Go Miley :)

  • Bob Loza
    Bob Loza

    like a Stevie Nicks with a bigger range and stronger range.

  • Miriam Holzfuß
    Miriam Holzfuß

    Miley I like you but please leave that to those who wrote the song...they have the heart and soul to it that you are sadly lacking and this song just has so much of it

  • ProGamer161


  • Jordan McNeil
    Jordan McNeil

    Shes So Hot

  • Croquetuca

    Me encanta esta chica... Toca todos los géneros genial...

  • nikkah99

    absolutely beautiful

  • Chris

    Wow Miley, such a nice song sung with real passion,thank you i'm also 60+

  • David Hayes
    David Hayes

    Oh girl. I don’t know what to say. That was perfect.

  • Stony Creek  Bush Camp
    Stony Creek Bush Camp

    From the soul

  • Christopher McMickle
    Christopher McMickle

    I was like wtf you are covering a Pearl Jam song? I changed that quick lol awesome

  • Bonnie Gessler
    Bonnie Gessler

    She can act, sing & she is beautiful! She is the full package & I love who she is & wants to be at anytime in her life!!

  • Pieter Holtzhausen
    Pieter Holtzhausen


  • irish virtudazo
    irish virtudazo

    still miley and miley.. the voice is always miley. and always an IDOL..

  • Eduardo de Oliveira Marques
    Eduardo de Oliveira Marques

    Travesti, um anel desse paga todas minhas dívidas. Te amo. ❤️


    "Indimensurável ".😲

  • Acacia McClaughry
    Acacia McClaughry

    Only version aside from the original that I’ve heard and loved. I love your outfit too. Slay Queen 💕

  • V.I.P Dance
    V.I.P Dance

    "We may speak different languages, but music is a language we all understand." From Hawaii 🌺

  • Markus Söderlund
    Markus Söderlund


  • Epic Club
    Epic Club

    "I'm in too deep" "I feel too much" "I'm insecure" "I fuck things up" I felt that on many personal levels....

  • jacomusdecanus

    Feels so right. She mesmerizes me.

  • robert REESE
    robert REESE

    Another shitty version, just give up on covering other artists and just ride a ball naked

  • jazzlehazzle


  • SirDriftWood SirDriftWood
    SirDriftWood SirDriftWood

    I would love to be in your day , hanging out in your back yard listening n watching you sing . So cool feeling comfortable like we knew each other forever ❤ 💕

  • Monte McCarty
    Monte McCarty

    Wow. Her range is unbelievable. I got goose bumps. This is 1st time hearing this. I love pearl jam. Damn if she didn't nail this. Bravo.


    She is so beautiful

  • K A L A M A W O R L D D A
    K A L A M A W O R L D D A


  • José Wellington De Oliveira Alves
    José Wellington De Oliveira Alves

    Mein Lieb. Du bist wunderbar, meine Lebensfreude.

  • Lynda Lou
    Lynda Lou

    Mind Blowing......Thank you, Miley--you are a TREASURE !!!!

  • Filipa Lopes
    Filipa Lopes

    You should sing together

  • Filipa Lopes
    Filipa Lopes

    Wow wow

  • Colin Dabill
    Colin Dabill

    Absolutely a beautiful performance 💥

  • Cirlene Amaral
    Cirlene Amaral

    Sempre emocionante e maravilhoso te ouvir Miley....LINDAAAÁ E VOZ MARAVILHOSA

  • Jacqui Doucet
    Jacqui Doucet


  • Michaela Mariani
    Michaela Mariani

    Have never been a Pearl Jam fan, really don’t like Eddie’s voice but Miley makes me so happy I can enjoy this song now. Thanks girl, love you.

  • SpamCaller

    She sounds like a bar fly on KARAOKE NIGHT. She thinks she sounds good but she doesn't.

    • Caleb Johnson
      Caleb Johnson

      She is fucking killer

  • Corps Grinder
    Corps Grinder

    Terrible voice! Sounds like a man

    • Millwall77

      I guess she is laughing at that all the way to the bank.

  • Kathlene Wright
    Kathlene Wright

    I think she's beautiful inside n out. I just love all her songs. She is n angel.

    • Kathlene Wright
      Kathlene Wright

      She is very smart and does things for her fans. Just love her. I don't know her. But i am a huge fan. I listen all day long. Her songs have meaning. MILEY UR SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • Mom

    So young to be a GOAT ❤

  • Dan J
    Dan J

    Gorgeous song baby girl

  • Dan J
    Dan J

    Jackson Browne has The vest on. He's The head of the backyard band

  • Leslie Riggs
    Leslie Riggs

    60 and loving the music, spirit, and soul of Miley. Greatly admire her musicality, strength, courage, authenticity, and care. Her positive impact extends beyond music and the arts. She is a humanitarian. Bravo Miley Cyrus.

  • Pauline Hurt
    Pauline Hurt

    Love her voice

  • Marc Moch
    Marc Moch

    Let me guess she gets that sweet shape from a beautiful mom. What she's wearing and her age and vibe kinda trips me out. Think I love her too much and I can't dwell on it lol 💛

  • Tad Whitworth
    Tad Whitworth

    At some point people need to start realizing all those ariana’s and autotun trash female singers out there have no talent or substance. I always thought Pink was one of the most underrated singers ever. Miley will end up that way too. She wont be appreciated til way later

  • Jonas Hopson
    Jonas Hopson

    Just breathe - mask on ?

  • dhia bani
    dhia bani


  • Gsm Gsm
    Gsm Gsm

    HI! My baby i miss u so mach i love u! 😘😘😘😍😍😍😋😋😋🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰😜😜😜🤫🤫👅💋💋💋💓💘💖🧑John ling! Red 🍷 wine I 💓💘💖u 🤫😴

  • Kharee McGhee-bey
    Kharee McGhee-bey

    I'll prepare two Dairy Whipped Topping and Cinnamon sweet cane baked CORN TORTILLAs and a cup of sweet cane and green Apple Water mixed in Milk for me to eat and drink this morning or as early as I can after I've put on DEODORANT and filled sweet cane and green Apple Water in my empty pitcher.

  • neethy

    oh my god

  • Gsm Gsm
    Gsm Gsm

    HI! My baby i miss u so mach i love u! 😘😘😘😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😜😜😜🤗🤗🤗😋😋😋🤫😴👅💋💋💋💓😋💖🧑John ling! Red 🍷 wine I 💓💘💖u 🤫😴

  • Roman Johnston
    Roman Johnston

    I think Mother Aya agrees with you!!

  • Sarah Moody
    Sarah Moody


  • Irish

    Comment stolen from somebody who posted on her other videos but I must agree I did not know that 2021 was the year I would become a Miley Cyrus fan. WOW

  • Blener Sena
    Blener Sena

    Eu amo tanto essa mulher, essa voz e tudo que ela canta. Sou grato por existir na mesma época que Miley Cyrus


    No matter what happened to miley still she is famous in all times

  • Ice Queen Kimberly
    Ice Queen Kimberly

    I'm 49, & it's refreshing to see a young lady that can sing ANYTHING, no computer bs, just her beautiful voice. you've got a new fan my dear

    • Mark Smith
      Mark Smith

      @Chris Koch Why should it matter? I watched "Heil Satan" I a Satanist? Pandering I guess but "It doesnt matter what you think!"

    • Sonder

      She's the real thing. Authentic talent!

    • Xavier Frosth
      Xavier Frosth

      @Chris Koch where do ppl come up with statements like that? I wonder ???

    • Beaches south of L.A.
      Beaches south of L.A.

      With maximum echo and reverb, so almost no computers and machines.

    • Chris Koch
      Chris Koch

      Too bad she worships Baal.

  • Night whisper
    Night whisper

    ur just pure love:)

  • Alcyone7


  • cristinosanchez

    she ruined that song, tried too damn hard, the song should be almost effortless

    • ade

      i was going to say that,, but i would be lying.

  • Stephen !
    Stephen !

    Miley is a Truly Magical Artist Looking forward to Wicked Games Maybe Miley will Thank God for her Talents / Blessings w/ Panis Angelicus

  • Amanda Ridler
    Amanda Ridler

    I love miley her voice reminds me of stevie Nicks her voice has so much passion n I love that x

  • Stephanie Hays
    Stephanie Hays

    💕..i understand every life must end..

  • Adany

    te quiero

  • Reecha Upadhyay
    Reecha Upadhyay

  • The new norm
    The new norm

    Don't always agree with how she lives her life, nor how she promotes her career. But she is beautiful. And when she sings. I stop, and listen. Let your voice be your product girl. Not your antics.

  • mo0klor

    What a talent! Miley is a complete artist after listening to alot of her songs. She got it!

  • lenny koss
    lenny koss


  • Jerry Boucher
    Jerry Boucher

    Miley is just like aged wine she just keeps getting better and better - simply incredible - soon to be a legend.

  • Joana Cavalcante
    Joana Cavalcante


  • Cynthia Boyd
    Cynthia Boyd

    Yes if not for Dragonflyhacks•net I would have been homeless with my family after the pandemic.

  • Cynthia Boyd
    Cynthia Boyd

    Yes if not for Dragonflyhacks•net I would have been homeless with my family after the pandemic.

  • Carlos Estevam
    Carlos Estevam

    I really enjoy listening to your songs! What a great artist you are! You looks so much alike my only sister that someone took the life…miss her and find her back when I watch you singing beautifully.😔❤️🙏😇

  • Gsm Gsm
    Gsm Gsm

    HI! My baby i miss u so mach i love u! 😘😘😘😋😋😋🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😜😜😜🤫😴👅💋💋💋💓💘💖🧑John ling! Red 🍷 wine I 💓💘💖u 🤫😴

  • Marcos ss
    Marcos ss

    Wuoww. Impresionante! ✊❤

  • Cate Nystrom
    Cate Nystrom

    I"ve always loved this song. I'd love to hear it as a duet with Miley and Eddie...that would be EPIC

  • Son Shine
    Son Shine

    Miley Cyrus...the train wreck that kept all the boxcars on the tracks. Drive On!!!

  • Tim D
    Tim D


  • Kenny Harrison
    Kenny Harrison


  • Val Meehan
    Val Meehan

    One of a kind.

  • Jennif3r M Ki8er 217
    Jennif3r M Ki8er 217

    Your looking beautiful..... 💖🤓💖

  • Blendor Caio
    Blendor Caio

    Perfect music, perfect setting, lighting and so beautiful, congratulations!!!

  • Camila Erbetta Pizarro
    Camila Erbetta Pizarro

    What a beautiful cover

  • E Eden
    E Eden

    Most of her covers are pretty good. She butchered the shit out of this 😆

  • rainy day
    rainy day

    Ew awful song

  • vanessa

    Heard other covers by her, this one is pretty bad honestly.

  • w810 Angel
    w810 Angel

    Your killin it Kid !! Another bad ass song 🎵

  • Tyron Ferreira
    Tyron Ferreira

    Don't like her, way prefer the original...but damn she has a voice

  • Tina Newsome
    Tina Newsome

    In end Jesus is our salvation and Savior this doesn’t represent Gods beliefs. Her dress for starts

    • Millwall77

      Doesnt god have better things to do than worry about how people dress?

  • Hollis Prince
    Hollis Prince


  • Carrie Davisson
    Carrie Davisson


  • S K
    S K

    I love these Backyard Sessions 💗