Miley Cyrus - Sweet Jane (MTV Unplugged Presents Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions)
Miley Cyrus & The Social Distancers perform “Sweet Jane” unplugged on Miley Cyrus Backyard Sessions.
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  • Cornelius crewe
    Cornelius crewe

    She annoyed the hell out of me when she was going through her obnoxious party girl phase, but I have to admit she is turning into quite a unique and talented performer.

  • High ho Silver
    High ho Silver


  • Bolobear 76
    Bolobear 76

    All around talent and a mix of gorgeous

  • Karim Nahed
    Karim Nahed

    She’s everything.

  • Lionel Patterson
    Lionel Patterson

    Lalalala lalala

  • w810 Angel
    w810 Angel

    *This is a super star !!

  • Clayton Doan
    Clayton Doan

    Look at all the Clowns wearing mask...😆😀🤣

    • Clayton Doan
      Clayton Doan

      @Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆It's a Scamdemic........WAKE UP.........

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      They are heroes protecting people You're the clown

  • austin men
    austin men

    Miley! do the desperado song from the eagles. Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏 😄😄



  • Mike Black
    Mike Black

    Miley Cyrus will you collaborate with mikeblack

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black

    Miley Cyrus watch mikeblack he is risen subscribe and comments

  • Allthngsbrightandbeautiful

    Anyone who's ever had a heart Wouldn't turn around and break it And anyone who's ever played a part Wouldn't turn around and hate it Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane Oh Sweet, Sweet Jane You're waiting for Jimmy down in the alley Waiting there for him to come back home Waiting down on the corner And thinking of ways to get back home Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane Oh Sweet, Sweet Jane Anyone who's ever had a dream Anyone who's ever played a part Anyone who's ever been lonely And anyone who's ever split apart Sweet Jane, Sweet Jane Oh Sweet, Sweet Jane Heavenly widened roses Seem to whisper to me when you smile Heavenly widened roses Seem to whisper to me when you smile La la la la la la la... Sweet Jane Sweet, Sweet Jane Source: Musixmatch Songwriters: Reed Lou Sweet Jane lyrics © Oakfield Avenue Music Ltd

  • Kernelpickle

    This is the perfect song for her new vocal range. She sounds amazing, and I really hope she tries to take better care of her voice moving forward, so she doesn’t lose it completely.

  • D M
    D M


  • Donaldo Comas
    Donaldo Comas

    Me encanta esta versión de la canción, me parece mejor que la original, Mikey Cirus es una gran interprete, me encanta.

  • Twyla P
    Twyla P

    I'm torn. Do I wanna make out w Miley or adopt her??

  • sdax

    Not bad at all....

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      ??? It was great

  • Herbert Lüthe
    Herbert Lüthe

    super version! I love Miley!

  • speweow

    errrr not as good as Cowboy Junkies!

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      Okay go away bestie

  • Todd Anderson
    Todd Anderson

    She's one of countless human jukeboxes that can imitate, but can't create. There's literally a kid in every school in America who could do this at least as well as she does. This a mediocre yet grossly overblown cover of the Cowboy Junkies cover of the original live V.U. version.

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      Mind your business ancient

  • Teen Laura
    Teen Laura

    Wow I'm amazed, so dazzling and ethereal! Great work Miley you just took it to a whole notha level.

  • Jeremy Schilling
    Jeremy Schilling

    This is the most amazing cover of Sweet Jane I’ve ever heard!

  • richard mindemann
    richard mindemann

    Whatever else she is, Miley is a fabulous singer. She KILLS this.

  • Valmir Silva Alves
    Valmir Silva Alves

    E maravilhosa em tudo.🤗

  • Ciaron M.
    Ciaron M.


  • Kathleen Handron
    Kathleen Handron

    Born in 1947. She is so gifted and an incredible artist.

  • Kevin McNulty
    Kevin McNulty

    You are doing great

  • Linda Kingsley
    Linda Kingsley

    Top notch in every way!

  • Dr. Searles
    Dr. Searles

    The woman of my dreams! Someday soon hopefully a reality that we share everything about our existence with one another!

  • SirDriftWood SirDriftWood
    SirDriftWood SirDriftWood

    I like like love yr backyard music sessions feels so comfortable 🙂😊🤗💖💋💋

  • Terence Crouch
    Terence Crouch

    Sweet miley

  • Anam Azar
    Anam Azar

    Why did it take me 10 months to find this 😢 BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • Jamal Aliev
    Jamal Aliev

    I feel so cozy when i hear this😊

  • Louise Aquino
    Louise Aquino

    Voice similiar to Stevie Nicks..beautiful.

  • Steven Hookano
    Steven Hookano

    Sweet Jane

  • pashah


  • Carlos Guell
    Carlos Guell

    Great cover ! velvet underground

  • Birdy Rattlers
    Birdy Rattlers

    Absolutely amazing x

  • Jacob Gibson
    Jacob Gibson

    I wish this song was on Spotify

  • Jessie Ackley
    Jessie Ackley

    I love the new Miley, I can truly say I am now a fan. She finally has come into her own and I'm in love😻🥰

  • jacomusdecanus

    She has soooo come into her own. If this ain’t the peak, look at world when it comes.

  • Fatima ezzahra Jarmouni
    Fatima ezzahra Jarmouni

    this song makes me repeat it all day miley thank u

  • f1s2hg3

    Miley no more ink and the hairstyle is super cute 🥰 love the highlights great dress to kill and Miley your killing them lol please take care yourself and save some of your good loving for me!!

  • Yng Dimplezz
    Yng Dimplezz

    Miley we definitely need this cover and fade into you cover on Apple Music ASAP! 🤍🤍

  • cruisegirl223

    How is this not on ITunes to buy!!!

  • Wayne Goody
    Wayne Goody

    "OI" MILEY,,,,,Cut the swearing out and i'll call "U" a LEGEND....This is Iike Ole Skool Music!!!!!!!!!

  • Terence Crouch
    Terence Crouch

    Love you miley xxx

  • Paul Deane
    Paul Deane


  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox

    Fake lips. Girls - stop it with the cosmetic surgery if you don't need it.

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      She is all natural.

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox

    Thumbs down. Get a real job.

  • evamonella85

    Mio dio che pezzo, ho i brividi, lei é davvero bravissima e ha una voce pazzesca, l'ho rivalutata in questo ultimo anno, complimenti, voce stupenda 🤩

  • Elwood Albert
    Elwood Albert

    So so good. So good. I typed, "Sweet Jane," into the search bar and was happy to see that this video popped up as I didn't know it existed. Miley is the perfect person to emote this song. Well done!

  • austin men
    austin men


  • Arnaud S
    Arnaud S

    Naturel show... Is the best that you can do... Bizoux Arnaud d'Avignon 🇫🇷🌈🌊🙏💋🌺🌸🌹😎😁

  • Amelia Beattie
    Amelia Beattie

    New fan

  • Andres Peña
    Andres Peña


  • Lynn Gallegos
    Lynn Gallegos

    Sorry just don't do it for me.

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias

      Not everyone have taste

  • jeff mcconaghy
    jeff mcconaghy

    keep your tongue in and your clothes on and you’ll convert a lot of people miley!!👍👍

  • austin men
    austin men

    Sweet sweet Miley

  • Rogelio Guerra Navarro
    Rogelio Guerra Navarro

    I love hear

  • Sean Balfour
    Sean Balfour


  • Frank christ
    Frank christ

    I want to see Miley's take on Concrete Blonds Joey.

  • Larry McHaney
    Larry McHaney

    Not a fan of Miley, but she did this well.

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black

    Miley Cyrus do you love mikeblack from rose house in moline I’ll 61265

  • Dayle Suess
    Dayle Suess

    She looks like Sharon Stone in casino. She sure can sing but I still feel the cowboy junkies did it better.

  • Anthony navarro
    Anthony navarro

    What you sang this nice

  • Playa-eXpress

    What happened from min 1:47 to 2:05 is brilliant

  • Kharee McGhee-bey
    Kharee McGhee-bey

    I'll prepare a little salt on three boiled eggs and cup of sweet cane and green Apple Water mixed in Milk for me to eat and drink this morning before I go to bpL PLASMA to donate.

  • Clinton Doner
    Clinton Doner


  • steffen fischer
    steffen fischer

    Love it !!!!! Great Voice 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Boiron JM
    Boiron JM

    Brillant but I think she could be less « yelling » (sorry this is not my maternal langage) And more « dosing » her magnificent voice.

  • Gil Thompson
    Gil Thompson


  • Paweł Zieliński
    Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of Miley must comment this video:

  • wayne thomas
    wayne thomas

    She’s regal and that voice is beautiful… Well done little lady!

  • The American
    The American

    Nice try kid. You sound like a dive bar karaoke singer, which is pretty cool. The most annoying part about this is the fact that your band is wearing GAY ASS face masks... WTF!

  • danlewis.1022

    This song is like pizza. Less is more. That’s why cowboy junkies will always be better.

  • Paul Tynan
    Paul Tynan

    gross belly button

  • Гульнара Родина
    Гульнара Родина

    Дочь как тебе?

  • Гульнара Родина
    Гульнара Родина

    Я люблю

  • Blener Sena
    Blener Sena

    Eu amo tanto essa mulher, essa voz e tudo que ela canta. Sou grato por existir na mesma época que Miley Cyrus

  • Michelle

    OMG! She is so talented! She can sing absolutely anything. Anything! And she does it so well. I love her voice. Thankyou Miley for sharing your Beautiful voice with the world💗💗💗

  • MrDagund

    Come on give this young lady some credit she rocked this song, 👏 great job ,you always surprise me with your talent, cant hold this lady back❤❤❤

  • Moloko S.
    Moloko S.

    Who constantly comes back for this video because they can’t get enough of Miley’s amazing performance?? 😍 Maybe I’m the only one

    • D D
      D D

      don't think you are the only one something mesmerizing about Miley singing this song

    • Doty Soebroto
      Doty Soebroto

      I have a playlist for miley only. This is no 1 video

  • free2tingleASMR

    Yes yes yes!!

  • Kayla M
    Kayla M

    Dare I say, better than the original

  • Neto Mendes
    Neto Mendes

    Em 11/08/2021. Um Brasileiro passando por aqui. Salvem Brasil!!!🇧🇷🎶🎧😍

  • Stephen !
    Stephen !

    I Really Enjoy Miley's Talent . when it is not Downed Out by Band & Special Effects


    Love the band's name

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson

    I laugh every time I hear a stick-up-their-arse hater say she has no talent. Her voice is already iconic and she still has decades ahead of her.

  • paddymcphie

    She gives an absolute classic song her own distinct vibe. Job done.

  • Mato Zabjacan
    Mato Zabjacan

    I like Velvet bat this is so good

  • Ian Johns
    Ian Johns

    Amazing. So excellent.

  • Joe1

    Just amazing vocals!

  • Sarah Turps
    Sarah Turps

    So sad. She sold her soul and became a total skank.

    • ade

      who 2

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias


  • DebbieDoesEllis

    I hear too much nose

    • Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias
      Bernal Ariel Zúñiga Arias


  • 6489molson

    She is such a talent!

  • colonialclive

    One of if not the best female voice of 21st century

  • Christopher Radford
    Christopher Radford

    A Legend of the future

  • Moondoddler

    Man you rock this. So excellently ! Thank you my favorite

  • Jim Elliot
    Jim Elliot

    Fantastic....pure talent!